Sunday, May 1, 2011

FO: Teddy Bear Blankie

I made this darling blanket for my newest niece Kadyn. I was tempted to knit a lacy heirloom blanket but I thought a more utilitarian blanket would be more fun. No one wants the lovely blanket from Auntie Pepper that you can't use and is a pain to store... forever. ("Saving it for your own baby someday.") This puppy is made from double stranded, acrylic, machine washable, soft yarn. And because I didn't spend 200 hours painstakingly knitting lace, my feelings won't be hurt if it doesn't survive to another generation.

Close up pic of the teddy bear:

yarn details
Berroco Comfort in Raspberry Sorbet (9728)
Worsted Weight
50% super fine nylon, 50% super fine acrylic
dye lots V1884 and V1584
Machine wash on gentle cycle in warm water. No bleach. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not over dry. Do not iron.
$7.00 per 100 g /210 yd ball

project details
pattern: "Teddy Bear Baby Blanket" by Barbara Breiter, available for free at
dimensions: blanket 31.5'' wide and 25.5'' tall; each teddy square is 9.5'' wide and 8.5'' tall, border is 1''
needles: size 10.5, long circular needle, knit flat
yarn used: 5 balls - 1050 yards (double stranded)
time span: October 2010 - December 2010

  • changed border to 5 rows of seed stitch at top and bottom and five stitches of seed stitch at the sides - meaning I cast on 106 stitches instead of 104
  • knitted with two strands held together throughout
  • I did this kind of nifty thing to help me follow along on the chart - I wrote a number in front of each stitch change to tell me how many stitches I had to knit on that part. Observe:

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