Thursday, January 28, 2010

FO: Amigurimi Panda

You know how you just associate some people with a certain animal? For example, if you were playing a word association game with a psychologist you might respond "Pepper" if they said the word "cat." I am a cat person. Well, my brother is a panda bear person. That's why this year for Christmas he got a cute amigurimi panda bear! This is proof of how much I love him because, as we all know, I hate to crochet. I particularly hate to crochet with black yarn, so that's double love.*

yarn details
worsted weight acrylics in black and white


9 mm safety eyes
poly pellets & polyfill stuffing

project details

pattern: "Panda Amigurimi" from Cut Out + Keep (free!). The url was:, but the link seems to be broken now. I have the pattern saved as a word document if anyone wants it.
hook: size F
duration: December 16-17, 2009: pretty much a whole day.
yarn used:hardly any
total cost: negligible

  • I used safety eyes instead of creating crocheted/embroidered eyes.
  • Remember to put the face on the bear before you stuff the head! :)
  • The pattern recommends using transparent nylon thread to sew the pieces together, but I just used matching yarn.
  • The entire body is stuffed with polypellets to keep this little guy grounded even with his massive head!

*In gauging my love for my brother, let's just ignore the fact that I have promised to knit him a hat for Christmas/his birthday for the past three years and have yet to do it. He got a panda instead.

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