Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monthly Update

I feel like my posts to this blog are becoming monthly updates! lol. I've sort of been on a blogging diet lately, but I haven't been on a knitting diet.

I went to six flags on Halloween (yay!) and knit up most of the foot of my classy slip-up socks on the car ride there - so I've finished up sock #1 now. I think it looks really good and it is super comfy. Now I'm on a mission to finish the second sock asap so I can wear them this winter. I love hand knit socks - they are SO cozy! Here's a pic:

I also resurrected the Tess cardigan I was working on last spring and I'm making excellent progress on that. I've got the left front and the back piece finished now and I just have to do the armhole/neck/shoulder shaping on the right front and I'll have the body of the cardigan finished up. Damn - I just remembered I have to do the sleeves too! Arg! I've still got quite a way to go but I want to finish this puppy up as soon as I can too. Here's my progress:

I'm conflicted because I really want to finish up these two projects but it's also not too late to do some gift knitting for Christmas, so I can't decide if I should start on those projects or devote all my attention to these. If I go the gift route I could probably only knit up one or two gifts, and nobody is getting store bought gifts this year due to my extreme unemployment so it might be weird to give only two gifts. Is that just me rationalizing being selfish and working on my own projects?? lol. Who knows what I will do. Tune in next month to find out... j/k, I hope to post some more updates soon. I also still need to do FO posts for Delphine and Rusted Root. As usual, I've waited too long to post them and now I barely remember the details. Oh well.

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