Monday, November 30, 2009

FO: enV cozy

I got a new cell phone for an early Christmas present, so of course I had to knit a nifty cozy for it! It matches the Chinese Charm Bag that I knitted back in 2007. I don't actually have that bag anymore because it was a gift, but I always thought it was cute and I had leftovers so now I've got the matching cozy. :)

Now my shiny new phone won't get all scratched up and void the warranty, lol.

I used size 10.5 dpns and Moda Dea Cache yarn in wink, just like the bag. Began by casting on 19 stitches and just knitted up till I reached the length of the phone, then I casted off half the stitches and knit a little flap. Easy peasy.

p.s. This phone is awesome! I highly recommend it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

FO: Delphine

I'm writing an FO post for Delphine... finally!! In short, I love this top. I had a lot of frustration while I was knitting it, but it was totally worth it in the end. The top is a little tight so when I make another one I will definitely go a size up. The Knit Picks Comfy yarn was a pleasure to work with. I might also try it out with a lighter weight yarn and see how that goes - the lace is so beautiful I think it will create a lovely texture.

yarn details
Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Silver Sage
dye lot 5151
75 % Pima Cotton 25% Acrylic
sport weight
machine wash
50 grams/136 yds @ $2.79
purchased 4/09

pattern details
pattern: "Delphine" by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes from French Girl Knits, reprinted in Spring '09 Interweave Knits
needles: size 3, 4, and 5 circular
size: small - 27.5'' bust
yarn used: 3 skeins
started: May 1, 2009
finished: August 8, 2009
total cost: $8.37

  • Next time I am definitely going to to a picot stitch cast on. I'm surprised the pattern doesn't call for that in the first place since it has you finish off the neck and armholes with a lovely picot crochet edging. In general, my cast on with this piece was way too tight! I think part of the problem is that I used the wrong method, but I also think my cast ons in general are too tight. Maybe I'll start doing it with a larger needle?
  • The sizing on this pattern is really tight!! Especially at the armholes and across the stomach!
  • I skipped the buttons on it and just used the ribbon closure. It looks cute with or without the ribbon though.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Crochet....

I'm excited to start decorating my apartment for Christmas next week! I decided to crochet a cute little Rudolph stuffie to get the holiday season going. (Yes, I realize this is a great use of my time with all I've already got on the needles right now...)

Here is his hot bod (limbs not included):

And here's what I'm aiming for:
I might have gotten the eyes on mine set a little too far apart, but I think it will all come together once I've got the ears and antlers in place. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gifty Gift!

I decided to put Tess aside for a while and work on a gift project. It is coming along really well - I wish I could post pics for you but that would (a) give away the recipient, and (b) ruin the surprise factor! If you are on Ravelry you can check it out there by clicking on "gifty gift" on my status bar to the right... but only if you are certain I will not be giving you a gift (i.e. stay away mom!).

The best part?? Stashbuster!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monthly Update

I feel like my posts to this blog are becoming monthly updates! lol. I've sort of been on a blogging diet lately, but I haven't been on a knitting diet.

I went to six flags on Halloween (yay!) and knit up most of the foot of my classy slip-up socks on the car ride there - so I've finished up sock #1 now. I think it looks really good and it is super comfy. Now I'm on a mission to finish the second sock asap so I can wear them this winter. I love hand knit socks - they are SO cozy! Here's a pic:

I also resurrected the Tess cardigan I was working on last spring and I'm making excellent progress on that. I've got the left front and the back piece finished now and I just have to do the armhole/neck/shoulder shaping on the right front and I'll have the body of the cardigan finished up. Damn - I just remembered I have to do the sleeves too! Arg! I've still got quite a way to go but I want to finish this puppy up as soon as I can too. Here's my progress:

I'm conflicted because I really want to finish up these two projects but it's also not too late to do some gift knitting for Christmas, so I can't decide if I should start on those projects or devote all my attention to these. If I go the gift route I could probably only knit up one or two gifts, and nobody is getting store bought gifts this year due to my extreme unemployment so it might be weird to give only two gifts. Is that just me rationalizing being selfish and working on my own projects?? lol. Who knows what I will do. Tune in next month to find out... j/k, I hope to post some more updates soon. I also still need to do FO posts for Delphine and Rusted Root. As usual, I've waited too long to post them and now I barely remember the details. Oh well.