Sunday, April 19, 2009

Frogging Cressida (finally)

This morning I finally frogged the pieces I had knit for my Cressida sweater to harvest the yarn for Tess. I had only knit the back panel and about half of a side panel, so it wasn't a whole lot of work to frog it and I recovered a little more than one ball of yarn.

I wasn't exactly sure what method to use to get the kinks out. The yarn is a single ply with a little metallic fiber wrapped around it, so it's not super straight to begin with. Given that, I didn't want to be too aggressive with stretching the kinks out because I didn't want to totally ruin the spring in the yarn. I ended up wrapping it around the back of one of my chairs, tight enough to straighten the kinks, and then I used a spritz bottle to wet the whole thing. I'm hoping that will be enough to work the kinks out.

Here are some pics:

I actually conducted a massive yarn harvesting project a few months ago that I always meant to blog on and still haven't gotten around to it (but I will!). There, I was frogging a project made with wool-ease and it was hell trying to get those kinks out! I tried every trick in the book to stretch the yarn and nothing worked. Finally, I used a garment steamer and that did the trick beautifully, but I don't want to use the steamer here because I'm fairly certain the steam will ruin the yarn.

Wish me luck!

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