Sunday, March 29, 2009


I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately, I haven't been kitting too much either, I guess. I've been kind of bummed out and playing video games instead. Anyway, I have made some progress:

I turned the heel on my classy socks and started the gusset. There is a hole forming at the top of the heel, which I'm not super psyched about, but I think I'll just go back later and reinforce it rather than rip it all out. For some reason, all the stitches I picked up for the gusset were insanely tight! So, I don't want to do it again.

I've also been working on Tess. It's taking a long time because I'm knitting it all in one piece so the rows are really long. I'm a little weirded out because after you knit the ribbing on the hem it has you increasing stitches for several inches, which seems counter intuitive, but I'm blindly following their instructions, so hopefully it will be okay. Anyway, this had been a pretty thought intensive process because I've had to work these increases into the one-piece, since I can't tuck them on the edges like I would have with three separate pieces. I've been hiding them with eyelets and I think it looks okay. Here's a pic of what I have so far:

Finally, I worked on the neckband on my hexacomb cardigan over spring break (2 weeks ago! it's been a long time since I've posted!) After about 10 hours of work I had picked up and ripped out stitches so many times that they started to look a little wonky, so I blocked it and I'm hoping the stitches set back into place a bit. Now I'm scared to work on it because I'm afraid I'll just botch it again. The problem is that I kept getting holes on the corners, but I'm starting to wonder if that has more to do with the way I knit the body than the way I am adding the neckband. I want it to look perfect, but I don't know if I want it bad enough to actually unseam the shoulders and unravel a huge portion of the body. Whatever I do, I need to do it soon because spring is almost here and it's a spring cardigan.

Oh, and here's my cool knitting case/bag that I'm using for Tess. Cute!

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