Monday, March 2, 2009

The truth about Scott's hat

So, I have owed my brother a rasta-style hat for at least two years now, I think it might actually be closer to three. I was really truly going to knit it this December/January, but you may recall that I had serious hat size/gauge/pattern clarity problems, so it never happened. I've been thinking I need to start it again, but it suddenly occurred to me that I don't have nearly enough yarn to make this puppy!!

I remember now that last Spring I ordered two different colors of main line from knit picks as samples to see which one he liked. (By the way, he never responded, so he is also partially responsible for the delay). Now he has chosen the dark brown color (cocoa) so I'm going to have to get more. Which brings me to my dilemma: if I place an order with knit picks, I can't just order two balls of yarn. I just know that I'm going to want something else, then I'm going to end up adding things until I get the free shipping and I'm going to be out $50. The truth is that I would like to buy some lacey yarn to make that Zickzack Tunic in the new issue of Interweave. And I haven't bought any yarn in 58 days, so maybe I deserve some? My other option is to go to the yarn store and pick out a different yarn for him. That's going to be more expensive yarn than knit picks, so I might already be into it like $12, so..... On the other hand, I'm totally broke and the chances that my brother will actually wear this hat are probably slim to none. Reality bites.


  1. I miss your posting. And I'll play devil's advocate and point out that almost-two months is a HUGE yarn fast.

  2. My last yarn fast was around 90 days! (I broke down and bought some for the holidays). This recession is painful.

    I'm going to post at least two FOs this weekend, so stay tuned!