Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FO: Penguin of Love

On the day before Valentine's Day I was inexplicably overcome with the urge to crochet a penguin.

yarn details
worsted weight acrylics:
Lion Brand Wool-Ease in gold and black
Green Oak Acrylic in white


9 mm safety eyes

project details

pattern: Amigurimi Penguin by Lion Brand (free)hook: size F
finished size: 3'' tall with a 4'' "wingspan"
duration: an evening and a morning, Feb 13-14, 2009
yarn used:hardly any
total cost: negligible


1. This time I actually remembered to make my turning chains! I still hate crochet, but this makes it somewhat more bearable.

2. On all of the pieces except the eyes I used the directions for making a small/invisible hole using a loop of yarn from Happy Hooker on pg. 52.

3. And here are my notes on body part placement:
  • eyes: inside edges are 6 st apart on black/white line, bottom of eye covers 1 row of the white; 9 mm safety eyes
  • wings: edge of wing is about 2.5 st from the outside edge of eye on black/white line; top of wing is about 2.5-3 rows of black
  • beak: spans the 6 stitches b/w the eyes
  • feet: about 3 rows up from bottom, about 0.5 st apart, stuffed with polypellets
... after I finished this little guy he was so freakin' cute that I knew I had to send him to my friend Erica. He practically begged for it. He wanted me to spread the love. He's the penguin of love.

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