Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A short story about Koolhaas

I finished my Koolhaas hat on Monday. Whoo hoo! Except, when I tried it on, it was too short. Boo!
It doesn't really look bad, but I like a hat to cover my ears, so it wasn't as functional as I would have liked it to be. I was just going to leave it and remember to make the next one longer, but then I thought, "No, Pepper. There is no point in having an FO that you aren't going to wear." So I decided to undo the bind-off, unravel all the decreases, and add in another pattern repeat.

The decreases are only done over 10 rows, so it seemed silly to live with a hat that I wasn't in love with all for the sake of 10 rows. But let me tell you: unraveling those 10 rows was not easy! Sure, ripping them back was easy (and perversely fun), but it was really hard to find my place in the cable pattern for where I was supposed to start the new repeat. I'm not super familiar with the construction of cables yet, so they still seem a little magic to me - which makes it difficult to understand where I am in the pattern just by looking at the stitches on your my needle. But I learned. Anyway, I finally got it back to where I need to be to start the extra pattern repeat, so I should be finished in no time.

For the record: I did try the hat on before I started decreasing to check the length, I just underestimated how much length the decreases rows would add. Of course, if I had checked my gauge I probably could have made a more precise estimate. I imagine this shortcoming (pun!) was due to my mistake of using smaller needles. Live and learn.

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