Thursday, February 12, 2009

FO: Bite Me Pillow

There's nothing quite like a cynical candy heart pillow to get yourself in the mood for Valentine's Day.

It's a key accessory to make my bed a welcoming place for potential lovers:

yarn details
Lion Brand Chunky USA in Cherry Blossom
100% Acrylic
bulky weight

pattern details
pattern: "Valentine Candy Pillows" by Jennifer Stafford on pg. 105 of Domiknitrix
needles: size 10 straights
size: final dimensions were 7.5'' x 8''
yarn used: 108 yards
time: February 2008 - February 2009

red felt
Unique Stitch fabric glue

  • I started this project last year but when it came time to embroider the letters I had massive problems and I got so frustrated that I tossed it in the back of the closet for a year. In that time, I decided to accept the reality that the letters weren't going to happen and made the plan to just make the letters out of felt.
  • I think did a good job outlining the letters for the embroidery, but it was just impossible for me to fill them in a way that looked remotely nice.
  • The felt letters are Arial Black, 175 pt. and I glued them down with fabric glue after I already assembled and stuffed the pillow.
  • In general, I'm pretty unhappy with this project. I think the felt solved my lettering issue, but the heart shapes are just not very pronounced and don't really look good. Also, the way she has you do the seaming is really strange and it looks kind of messy. If I had wanted to spend more time on this project I would have used an attached i-cord to outline the heart shape, at least on the front. But, it's just a fun little decoration to pull out once a year, so I'm not going to lose any (more) sleep over it.


  1. You are a finishing machine! Two hats and a pillow? Go you!

    Oh, and I think this pillow looks fabulous! I see what you mean about the shape definition, but everyone would know what it was with one glance:) Very cute, and I love the felt letters!