Friday, February 6, 2009

Bite Me

Last year I started making one of the valentine candy pillows from Domiknitrix and I got up to the embroidery part and got so frustrated that I threw it in the back of my closet for a year. So, as Valentine's Day again approaches, I decided it was now or never to finish this thing. Except this time, no embroidery. I'm doing it old school: felt and glue.

So, I spent the whole night seaming up this biotch. Not fun.

Went from this:
To this:

Hooray! Now that I have a fabulously cynical pillow, the real question is: what will my Valentine's Day be like?


  1. the felt letters look SUPER CUTE! haha i love it!!

    yeah that seaming doesn't look fun. bleh. but your pillow is pretty rad, so props!

  2. Thanks. The felt letters were my savior. If this has been an "every day" pillow I probably would have sewed them down after gluing, but I figure it's just a holiday novelty, so what the hell?