Friday, January 23, 2009

Pie in the Sky?

I am in love with Knit Picks new featured pattern: the Jacquard Vest! OK, here: I'm going to rip off their photo, may my IP prof. forgive me:

I really want to knit this, even though I've never knit fair isle before (other than my brief flirtation with the binary scarf). I'm worried this will be a little ambitious for a first fair isle, but it's only two colors and maybe since I like it so much, I will have an incentive to stick with it? (Unlike my mild interest in knitting endless ones and zeros...)

Of course, this breaks two of my knitting resolutions:
1. I am supposed to knit from stash (but yarn cost is only $15!)
2. I am trying to focus on the process of knitting instead of knitting just because I want the FO, which is really what's going on here. Would this be a frustrating project or will it be fulfilling to learn a new skill?

Also, I already have so many things on my knitting queue! Sometimes I think I like planning knitting projects almost as much as I like knitting them. Maybe if I spent less time cruising Ravelry and more time knitting, I'd actually get some of those WIPs finished, no?

So, we'll give it some time and see if my infatuation with this project fades. If it doesn't, maybe I'll go for it!


  1. Well, Miss Pepper...I think it is admirable that you have found a project you want to finish immediately that INCLUDES a new technique. I say go for it! Fair isle isn't that difficult...just make sure to keep your floats loose and you'll be fine:) Good Luck!

  2. oh gosh, getting ready to leave you a comment just made me remember that i haven't responded to your email yet! whoops! i'll do that right after this lol.

    well, to be a good/bad infulence on you (however you want to look at it! haha) i really really hope your infatuation with this project DOESN'T fade!! it's so cute!!!!! :D and yarn for only $15?!.... i'm just saying... lol :)