Monday, January 26, 2009

my head was cold!

You may have noticed that I CO'd for the Koolhaas hat over the weekend. I feel kind of guilty because I already have so many WIPs, but it's been really cold here and I need a hat! I keep giving away the ones that I knit. I love the way it's turning out. Here's a pic, I tried it on to make sure it fit, so it looks like a sweatband right now, with really crazy bling (stitch markers)...

I've already screwed up on it twice.

First, I meant to use size 6 needles for the ribbing then move up to size 8 for the pattern, but once I finished the ribbing and went to switch needles I realized that I had used size 5 intead of 6. D'oh! (seriously - how many times do I have to do this before I learn to double check my needles!!). Anyway, I'm forging ahead and using 7's for the lattice part. Luckily, when I tried it on (see above) it fits fine, just a little snug.

Second, I screwed up one of the cable crosses in row 4 and 5 (of 8) and didn't realize it until I started the second pattern repeat. I decided to try dropping the stitches to fix it, but the way the lattice pattern is set up, I ended up having to drop about 16 stitches. As you can guess, I fiddled with it for two hours with a crochet hook, trying to pull up the stitches and then finally ended up frogging it all back to the third row at about 1:00 am. I need to learn that when I screw up that bad to just frog back and not try to just drop the bad stitches!

That link takes you back to the time I did exactly the same thing with my cashmere arm cosies. Speaking of those cosies, I've got second cosy syndrome. I need to CO for the second one soon because it's in danger of being abducted by a UFO. Unfortunately, right now I am totally consumed with this hat.

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