Saturday, January 31, 2009

Koolhaas Progress

I'm making excellent progress on my koolhaas hat. It's really fun to knit, so I've been cruising through it. I was hoping to try cabling without a needle, but that's not working out. I'm using one of my short little needle tips from the Boye set as a cable needle and it's not slowing me down much.

Two notes: (1) I don't think this was the best yarn for the project. I used a Wool-Ease heather and it's really "hairy" which is competing with the texture of the lattice pattern. (2) I think I need to be knitting this on shorter circs. I'm using the smallest from my set - which is supposedly 20'', but I'm convinced it's closer to 16''. Still, it's pulling the stitches a bit tight. I think those two factors are creating problems for cabling without a needle. No worries because I love the pattern so much that I'll have plenty of chances to try again under more amenable circumstances.

So, here are progress pics. I'm almost ready to start decreasing:

Super close-up!

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