Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Review

I started making a list of all my knitting accomplishments in 2008 and I realized that I've really done a lot more than I thought I have! This makes me feel good. :)

So, here are some knitting highlights (and not-so-highlights) of 2008.

  • projects completed: 12
  • projects started but sent to hibernate: 2
  • projects that hibernated all year: crocheted afghan, binary scarf, Danica
  • favorite project: my headhugger
  • skeins/balls stashed: 62
  • balls that were purely speculative: 20
  • total yards stashed: 9,511
  • evaluation: showed significantly more restraint than in 2007; I give myself a B
Skills Developed:
  • russian join
  • jogless stripes
  • weaving in ends while knitting
  • three needle BO
  • experiments with glue
  • knitting lace
  • yarn reclamation from a terrible FO
  • knitted appliques
  • knitting from a chart
Misc. Accomplishments
  • bought most of my yarn with specific project in mind & knit a lot from stash
  • became Ravelry editor
  • started a Ravelry group (but sort of abandoned it...)
  • knitted a lot of gifts
  • traded yarn
  • bought my own yarn ball winder and swift
  • used polypellets to make stuffies (and learned how to make them child-friendly)
  • cataloged all my yarn and projects on Ravelry
  • subscribed to Interweave Knits and Knit.1
  • wrote 121 posts on this blog!
Goals Not Achieved :(
  • didn't finish Sheldon army for the niece and nephews
  • didn't crochet at all
  • have been slow with posting FOs on the blog
  • abandoned my plan to rewrite the Sheldon pattern
  • didn't learn how to do entrelac or mitered squares like I resolved last year

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