Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sore fingers

Last week-ish TECHknitting posted a cool article about how to stop stabbing your right pointer finger with your left needle while you knit (resulting in a very ouchy finger after long knitting sessions!)

This used to happen to me all the time, but the more I think about it, I don't think I do it anymore. I must have subconsciously modified my technique - sort of a survival-of-the-fittest deal. Except I think I still do this with my bamboo needles, which is basically all of my DPNs. I like the bamboo DPNs because the needles don't slide out of the stitches in storage as easily as metal needles do, but that also means that it takes a little more pressure to slip the knitted stitches off the needles. I'll have to try to keep this technique in mind next time I work on socks. Although, it is really hard to change the way you knit, don't you think?

One of my new year's resolutions is going to be to learn continental style knitting. This is basically my new year's resolution every year and I never do it because it just feels so foreign that I get frustrated with it and revert back to throwing. I guess there's nothing wrong with English style, but I would really like to increase my speed. One of my favorite parts of knitting is having beautiful FOs and I'd love to be able to have even more! I find that when a project is going really slow I tend to get mad at it and just stop knitting for days/weeks because it's not relaxing anymore. I wish I were more of a process knitter, but I tend to get preoccupied with production. Maybe that will be another one of my goals this year?

p.s. TECHknitting rocks! If you don't already read it, I suggest you give it a try.

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