Monday, December 8, 2008

Resisting... the urge... to knit!

Once again I find myself playing the role of the grasshopper in that story about the ant and the grasshopper. I played (moped) all semester while my ant-like classmates were studying, and now finals have come and I have no food saved up for winter. Well, you get the point.

Of course, now that the pressure is really on to study my ass off, all I want to do is cast on new projects! Arg!! It is sooooooo frustrating! I keep thinking, "maybe I can take just a 20 minute break and just cast something on." Reasonable enough; but then my thought continues, "then maybe just knit the first row, or maybe the first pattern repeat... " I know I can't start, or I won't be able to stop.

My thoughts are naughty for knitting reasons as well as school reasons: I can't cast on for anything new without swatching!!! It is going to be my New Year's resolution to break my bad swatching habit (or, rather, my bad lack of a swatching habit).

So, if I let myself take a break from studying, then it can only be a break to swatch, which is no fun, so there is no point in taking a break anyway.

All this logic is getting me nowhere. I still really, really want to start a new project!! Now!

p.s. I can't even knit any of my WIPs. I'd have to cast on for the second arm cozy, the cardigan is awaiting finishing (bleh! worse than studying!), and Sheldino needs to be frogged. Lame!

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  1. eep! finals are rough!! (biggest understatement i've made today!)

    be strong!!!!!! yarn is bad (at least when there's studying to be done)