Thursday, December 18, 2008

in-flight knitting

I worked on my second sassy stripes sock on the plane ride home to Utah and I got pretty far - I'm done with the gusset and now knitting the foot. I have a burning desire to finish these socks just so I can put them behind me. I hate them. I really just dislike this yarn. I had hoped to cast on for my new pair of socks on the plane (the classy-not-sassy socks), but I didn't get around to it. Mostly because the pattern is in a book and I didn't want to juggle the knitting, the book, the headphone cord all while squishing up my feet so I didn't kick Roxy under the seat. So, I think I'll finish up the ugly socks in the next few days and then get started on the (hopefully) pretty ones.

I already did a gauge swatch for the classy socks and I'm going to go with size 2 needles. I think the yarn I chose is a little more fine than the yarn recommended in the pattern, but I figure that will just mean the socks are a little thinner, so I'm not worried. The pattern is from the book Knit Socks and the designer makes all of her socks at a super tight gauge; for example, my first pair of socks were made from worsted weight yarn and knit on size 3 needles. So even if these are a little "airy" because of the lighter yarn, I think they'll still be sufficiently solid. Worst-case scenario, if I think the fabric is not working out once I start the socks I can just frog and pick a different pattern.

Hopefully I will actually get some substantial knitting done on this trip! I always pack a ton of projects and have big plans, then I end up never knitting the whole time. Wish me luck and happy holidays!

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  1. It sounds like you'll be fine with 2's, good luck! How does Roxy like flying?

    Happy Holidays!