Thursday, December 25, 2008


I finished the sassy stripes socks last night to give to my mother this morning. I wrapped up each sock separately under the tree so she would have more presents to unwrap - after she unwrapped the first one she put it on and it was so warm that after a few minutes she went searching under the tree for the second one because her other foot was getting cold. I'm really glad she likes them! My brother agrees that they are pretty ugly... ha ha.

Incidentally, I would have finished the sock several days ago but I made the cardinal mistake of attempting to do kitchener drunk and I messed it all up so I had to pick out the failed graft, unravel back a few rows (to fix mistakes in my drunk toe increases), calm down, and then reknit. This process took several days.

So, another Christmas has passed and all my good intentions to make knitted gifts never came to fruition - except the socks, which I never intended as a gift in the first place. Maybe that's the trick?

Also, I finally measured my brother's head to make him his hat. I have "given" him this hat for at least one Christmas and one birthday the past couple of years, but he has been dragging his feet on picking out a yarn and getting me his measurements, so today I ambushed him and got it all. He will finally get it this year! I promise myself I'm going to finish knitting it before I go back to Boston.

Here's his info:
- head circumference: 26.5'' measured over a kind of chunky beanie he already had on (he likes his hats loose, so measuring over the other hat will probably be a good loose measurement for me)
- the beanie he was wearing was 8'' from the top to the brim - he likes that size
- he chose the dark brown Main Line yarn

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