Monday, October 6, 2008

Sleeves Part II

Bleh - sleeve drama:

The sleeves of the hexacomb cardigan are knit from the cuff up, with a garter stitch border followed by stockinette with increases placed every 10 rows until you have a sleeve that is 8 inches long at which point you start the sleeve cap. I did all the lovely math and this turns out that you are going to increase 6 times over about 60 rows. So, I was going along my merry way and I was up to about row 47 when I realized that my sleeve was damn near 8'' long already and I still had two increases (20 rows) to go. I pulled out the tape measure and what do you know - I'm at 7.25'' inches. So, to knit the sleeve caps I am suppsed to have 59 stitches on the needle so I just squeezed in two increases in the next 8 rows. I'm mad at myself for not doing the math beforehand and figuring out where to place the increases so they will be even. My row gauge was a little different than the pattern calls for -- I got about 24 rows over 4 inches and the pattern got 28 - but my plan was just to stretch while I blocked.

So, whatever. Live and learn - I really need to train myself to study the whole pattern before I start knitting and pay attention to that kind of stuff. I always get myself into pickles like this!

So, all I have left to do is finish knitting the caps of the sleeves... and then the small tasks of setting in the sleeves and picking up all those stitches to knit the neck and button band... with button holes. You know, no big deal. Ha ha! Arg! I'm dreading it!

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