Sunday, October 19, 2008

Checking in on the Lace Ribbon Scarf

I've been working intermittently on the lace ribbon scarf and I'm almost done. It's a little difficult to tell because I'd like to make it the 60'' length recommended in the pattern, but I'm having a hard time calculating for myself exactly how much this thing is going to stretch when I block it. Of course, If I had been a proper knitter and (a) knit a proper swatch and (b) blocked it, then I would know. But of course I didn't. It's a scarf for crying out loud!

It looks like I'm not going to need the third skein of yarn, which is sort of irritating since I already balled it and everything -- plus, it's one more single skein in my stash that will remain unused for ages, making me feel guilty about all the money I have poured into yarn that I don't use. The thing is, I buy yarn when I really love it and usually when it's on sale but since I don't have a project in mind, I never know how much to buy so when I find a project that would be perfect for the yarn I inevitably either don't have enough, or I actually had the good conscious to buy enough of the yarn to knit something large and the project I'm thinking of won't use it all, and I don't want to break up the collection. I'm just in a cranky mood because I can't afford to buy new yarn so I have to pick projects based on what I've got in my stash instead of what I feel like knitting. Also, almost my entire stash is composed of worsted weight yarn and far more acrylic than I wish, so I'm seriously limited. I've recently been told that the stories I tell are too long, so I suppose I should summarize the point of this whole paragraph: I wish I had calculated the yardage I would need for this project better because my stash is too large and I am broke.

I bet the scarf will be finished this week... and now back to my homework.

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  1. haha being a "proper knitter" takes far too much effort!!

    cool! glad to hear your scarf is almost done! i can't wait to see it! (haha mine is still sitting rolled in a ball waiting to be blocked, which i should've done months ago!!)

    what dye lot is your cosmos yarn? :) i would love to buy it from you if it's the same as mine. i can paypal you or mail you a check/money order. whatever you'd like if you wanted to sell it.

    haha i haven't touched my thermal sweater in months!! i've been so bad about knitting lately! haha plus last time i went to pick it up i realized it was at a shaping point so i couldn't mindlessly knit, which was sad and i didn't have the time to figure out what i should actually be doing. poor sweater has been in a grocery sack on my kitchen floor since june. i really should work on it... haha, but now i'm in the mood to knit some scarves as gifts and i've just ordered yarn, so i'll probably do that before i get back to my thermal project haha.