Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rain & Elephants

It's been raining for 2 days, which means I don't want to do anything but knit! Yesterday I was feeling pretty sick so it gave me a chance to finish up the body of Emma's elephant. I started on the head (knit from the trunk up), but I was having trouble tying the knots of the color changes so they didn't show through on the other side and I got frustrated and quit.

When I was stuffing the body I put all the poly pellets in the foot of an old pair of nylons and tied a loose knot at the top. I wanted to sew it up so no pellets could escape, but I didn't feel like getting off the couch to fetch a needle and thread. But I'm hoping it will hold. Since I'm making it for a 4 year old I just don't want any little beads to come out of it. But I guess worse case scenario: they're non-toxic and too small to choke on. All of the pellets are supposed to be at the bottom of the body (to weigh him down) and the bad thing about the "bean bag" method is that it made it hard to keep the weight at the bottom because stuffing kept wanting to go under there. I don't know why I knit so many stuffies? Whenever I get to the stuffing/assembling stage I always get irrationally angry. I guess I just can't resist an FO with a face.

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