Monday, August 4, 2008

!@$#% Lace Ribbon Scarf!!

I ended up frogging out about 10 rows, picking up the stitches I could, then unknitting until I had all the stitches in the right place. Phew! Then I spent a whole night knitting and got at least 3 inches done. THEN, I realized that I had SCREWED UP big time with the stupid border around the scarf that is supposed to be garter stitch but which I had STUPIDLY been knitting in stockinette for the past SIX inches!!! ARGG!!! I tried to drop the last two stitches on the rows to fix it, but (a) picking up stitches in garter stitch is a headache when you are talking about doing it for six inches, and (b) picking up stitches off the edge of the row is possible but also a HUGE headache. So, I once again had to frog the whole thing back to before my mistake, try to pick up the stitches and unknit/reknit losing several more rows in the process. Now after all this mess I'm back to where I was about 3 wks ago. Yuck.

(and I haven't even mentioned the giant knot that is my yarn ball)


  1. omg!!! what a nightmare!!!! lace is an evil evil thing. :S props to you for the dedication to get it right!!