Thursday, July 31, 2008

Overdue Update

1. I can finally reveal what the mysterious "surprise" project is: a darling striped elephant that I knitted for my mom's birthday. I'll make a full post with all the great details soon, but here is a teaser picture:

2. The weekend of the 19th I cast on for the Hexacomb Cardigan from the Spring issue of Interweave Knits. It's about time, considering that I bought the yarn way back in April!! It's actually going pretty fast, but I think that finishing is gonna be a bitch because it's knit in pieces and I've gotta attach a button band.. and buttons... sigh. So here's my progress, I've knit the whole bottom and the left front:

3. I occasionally get a chance to knit two rows on my commuter scarf during the bus ride to work. So, there is progress but it's still only about 10% done. Unfortunately, last night I chose to work on the scarf while drinking wine and completely messed it up by missing one of my YOs in every pattern repeat for a few rows. I hope the knitting police aren't monitoring this blog or else I'll certainly be cited for a KWI (knitting while intoxicated). The judge will probably sentence me to hard time doing garter stitch and finishing. To make matters worse, after I messed up the scarf and after I poured another glass of wine I decided that I was going to fix my mistake by unknitting the past several rows. Yeah. Turns out that unknitting lace it pretty damn hard. Then I tried dropping the stitches down to the point where there was supposed to be a yarn over and then I suppose I imagined I would magically have enough yarn slack to pull multiple yarn overs out of thin air and not mess up the lace - which is a pretty damn stupid thing to do whether drunk or not. Eventually I recognized that I had to stop torturing the poor thing and I set it aside and read a fashion magazine instead. Tonight I will see what I can do to mitigate the damage, before I drink any wine. Here's a pic of where I was a couple of days ago:


  1. oh me, oh my! kwi made a mess!!! :S poor lace scarf! and poor you!!!

  2.'s definitely the product that drives us and not the process. It wouldn't be worth it if it weren't so beautiful.

  3. And I love the elephant, that is so cute.