Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Race Against the Stork

I'm still not finished with the baby blanket but I'm very, very close to being done!! I was originally going to give it to the mother-to-be last week after I couldn't get it to her the week before that but it wasn't done in time. Then I knew I would see her today, so that was my new due date, but alas, I missed it. I tried staying up all night to knit yesterday but my body simply wouldn't cooperate. But, by a lucky stroke of fate, it turns out I get to see her early next week so I have been given one final extension to finish this thing this weekend. I'm confident that won't be a problem. I would like to blog more, but my body simply won't cooperate. Off to bed.


  1. Good luck to you in your race against the stork, but I must warn you that my life experiences have taught me that he usually comes from behind at inopportune times.

  2. If the stork comes early just to pull a fast one on me and my ill-planned knitting schedule that mama is going to kill me!! Cross your fingers!

  3. may the force be with you!!! :)