Saturday, May 24, 2008

Early Birthday Present!

Check out the awesome birthday present I bought myself:


I couldn't afford a swift, but I just tossed the hank over a chair back and it worked well enough. Near the end it started getting tangled a bit, but it was still so much faster than rolling by hand even if I had to stop a few times to work out the knots.

And what's on the ball winder? The pretty new yarn I bought to make the lace ribbon scarf. It is knit picks gloss in "cosmos." The yarn is really soft - it's 70% merino wool and 30% silk, fingering weight. Only $3.99 a skein! Man, I love Knit Picks! I know I already have too many wips, but the scarf is going to be my new commuting project because I won't need to follow a pattern.

p.s. My birthday is May 30 - next Friday!


  1. Happy early birthday...mine was this past Monday (the 19th). If we had been in the same place this weekend we could have had quite a party.

    If you have a lamp with a tapered shade you can loosen the nut that holds the lampshade in place and use it for a swift. It works quite well. I did that for years before I got my swift a few months ago.

  2. Oooh! What a brilliant idea!

  3. ooh! a ball winder would be a brilliant gift! i think i should buy myself one too. hahahaha.

    hey cool! i'm working a pattern with the cosmos fingering yarn now, too. i LOVE the color. can't wait to see it as a scarf :) mine is gonna be a sweater eventually haha.