Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wool of the Andes Heathers

I ordered some color cards from Knit Picks, they arrived today. I just had to take a petite break from my massive study schedule to say that the Wool of the Andes Heathered Colors are gorgeous!!! I never expected to see such pretty yarn in the "work horse" wota line, I thought all those pretty colors were reserved for the lace and sock yarns, so I'm pretty damn impressed (and delighted!) My faves: iris heather is a silvery light-purple that reminds me of a crystal, sapphire heather is a stunning blue, and forest heather is the color of my eyes. And, tidepool heather is a colorway I've seen in their other yarns and it's a favorite of mine as well because its such an awesome aqua scheme. The purple and the red are also awesome! I was just getting excited about summer yarns and now all I want to do is knit a whole wool wardrobe out of that mesmerizing deep sapphire blue. Damn you Knit Picks!

Of course, I ordered a few other things as well (*wink, wink*) and some other color cards. I'll have to blog about it all after finals are over though, because if I take it out and play with it I will flunk out of law school, which means I'll never earn the money to pay back my student loans, which means I'll never be able to move to NZ and buy a sheep herd when I'm debt free....

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  1. Oh...the sapphire heather is amazing. It has been one of my favorites for a long time.