Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting Over

I finally frogged the cashmere arm cosy last night:

I rolled the mess up into a center pull ball then, I made a lame attempt to swatch onto size 6 needles then I just decided to just go for it and cast on on size 7 dpns. So, I got a few rounds in and realized I mixed up the right and wrong sides and I was cabling backwards (oops!). So, I frogged again, cast on again, got going a bit and then realized that the pattern (written to be knit flat and seamed) left purl ribs on each side for seaming, so in the round there were four purls in a row, messing up the ribbing. So I frogged again and went through the pattern eliminating the first and last stitches of each row.

I was about to cast on again when I realized my yarn was looking really ragged (from being swatched, knit, and frogged so many times). I decided to put it in a loose hank and let it chill out for a while and use a new ball of yarn for now. So, of course with my bad knitting luck, my center pull ball got horrifically tangled when I tried to unravel it and I spent an hour untangling the mess to get it in a hank. I'm sort of hoping that now it's in the hank it will relax on its own and I won't have to wash it or anything.

At this point it was 1:45 a.m. But I still wanted to cast on for the damn thing after this four hours of drama - so I did and made it up to the first cross of the cable and then went to bed. Hopefully everything is ready to go now and there won't be any more frogging!


  1. omg i'm sorry that was such a pain for you! gah! i've had to cast on and frog multiple times in a day and i know the feeling is not so pretty. omg 1:45?! haha by then i usually get angry at it, throw it on the ground as bitterly as i can, and go to bed sulky. but at least you conquered it before you slept!! yay!! show it who's boss!