Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Off the blocking board:

This vest was made for bizarro Pepper with a 40'' chest. That, or it's for real Pepper if I preferred about 8 inches of positive ease. Why?? Why do I have such awful luck!?! I knew that bust looked huge when I blocked it! AHHH!!!

On the plus side, the bottom ribbing stretched out nicely so that it actually fits around my gut. Look how sheer it got! You can see straight through to my tank top! But that's not a big deal. So... I'm reblocking the top half. I don't even know if it's possible to shrink it back down after I stretched it out so much. We'll see. I just got it soaking wet and squished it up as best I could. This time I triple-checked the measurements. It damn well better fit this time around!!!


  1. no!!! it looked like it would be so cute when it was on the blocking board! i'm crying for you on the inside. i REALLY hope shrinking it back down will work!!!!!!!!!!