Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vest From Hell

OK, it's official. The vest is from hell. What happened now? So, I started on the armhole shaping and got halfway through when I realized it was looking a little long. I tried it on. Observe:

It was time to begin the neck immediately! So, I stopped all the armhole work and skipped ahead to the neck shaping. Then, I got 3/4 through that and the straps were long enough that I had to stop there. Fun fact: I was supposed to end up with 18 stitches at the shoulder and I ended with 12. Amazing considering I never finished all the decreases. So, I figured it was a little thin, but good enough. So I went to the other side. I noticed there were 22 stitches I had reserved on the marker, but that was too many, I needed 18 if I wanted to end up with 12 at the end. So, I just decreased two and went on my merry way. At this point I am almost certain the damn thing is gonna get frogged that I don't even care. So, I knit to the end. What do you know? I have 14 stitches. What the hell? It was noticibly wider than the other side so I had to rip back an redo it. You know what? I din't even try to figure out what happened. I just randomly decreased away the extra stitches and said good riddance. I'm on track now to end up with 12, haven't finished. Bleh. Heres a pic with one strap slung over my shoulder. I actually think the thinner straps are kind of cute, but it's still a crap shoot as to what the finished product will look like.

Things I hate about this vest:
1. The yarn I chose is the wrong texture.
2. The ribbing is too tight
3. My gauge is off resulting in (some of) the headache described above
4. I keep dropping stitches and having other insane accidents (i.e. breaking the needle, i.e. pulling all the stitches off the cable when I tried it on, etc...)

I'm really down on my knitting lately. I just keep screwing up! Basically every project on my needles has been frogged at least once and it turning out ugly anyway. Or, it's waiting to be frogged. Or, I know chances of frogging are high. I just keep making stupid mistakes. It really sucks. Half the time I don't even want to knit anymore. It's too exhausting. Feel sorry for me please.


  1. Oh, I feel for you. It happens to all of us. I don't feel particularly inspired right now myself.

  2. Sometimes, the Knitting Mojo goes away for a while. There was a period right before Christmas when every piece of knitting I touched turned to poo-poo in my hands. I had to walk away from the knitting for a while and come back later. It was that or commit homicide, taking out some innocent bystander.

    Hang in there. The Knitting Mojo will come back!