Saturday, March 1, 2008

Progress Report on the Arm Cosies

Like basically everything else I'm knitting these days, the Cashmere Arm Cosies are about to get frogged. Why? They are HUGE!!!

That's a five inch ruler you are looking at on the the cozy (knit flat). The total diameter of the cozy is supposed to be 5.75'' in circumference. Uh... yeah. Problem. The strange thing is that my gauge is not off by much -- pattern gauge is 26 sts over four inches and my gauge is 28 sts. (More on gauge in a later post...)

So, this whole thing is getting frogged and I'm casting on with size 6 needles. I'll work a little bit at that scale and see how it sizes up. My wrists are so small, I think I need to get far below gauge to make these work out.

And as long as I'm starting over -- I'm knitting in the round now. A kind soul on Ravelry already did all the math and she was nice enough to share it with me. Turns out all you have to do is knit the foundation row inside out and backwards. I'm so glad I asked because I never would have figured that out!

The cables look nice. I tried working them without a cable needle but the yarn is too slippery and the stitches kept running. I'll have to save that trick for another project.

(note: the color in this picture is a close match to the actual color of the yarn)


  1. I hate gauge. Gauge is a pain in the @$$.

  2. This is quite funny, but I am doing this exact same project currently and with a very similar color yarn.

    I don't know exactly what you mean, but once it is seamed it will come out to those five three quarter inches right? So, flat it is around 10 inches in width.

    The problem I am having is length. If I have to do the "1-10 pattern" 12 times in order to get 37 stiches the length will be well over those 15 inches they say it should be.

    Knitting in the round would be quite lovely considering the fact that I really dislike seaming, but my circulars are too long and annoying.