Monday, March 3, 2008

moving onto the foot of sassy sock

I turned the heel and worked the gusset of my sock over the weekend, so now I'm just knitting the foot. I've got to say, so far I just really don't like the way this sock is turning out. It just looks dopey. I'm still trudging on, because sometimes stuff looks dumb in progress, but then it looks cute when it's finished. I don't know. I am doing too much frogging lately. It's lame.

Anyway, here is a pic:

p.s. I'm blogging during crim pro not paying attention at all. I should have just gone home and knitted.


  1. haha. nice. doing fun things online while everyone else is listening to the instructor drone on in class is the best! um, unless the instructor happens to walk behind you... *lesson learned lol*

    it'll probably look super cute when it's finished. with all those colors :) yay!

  2. Don't judge your sock too quickly. Let it play out and see what happens. I kinda like it.