Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting Back on the Horse

I took the day off from knitting yesterday. I watched 7 hours of TV and didn't pick up the knitting once. Instead I played Dr. Mario while watching a movie about a boy who builds an atomic bomb for the science fair, then the worst movie ever (Four Brothers, which I rented solely for Mark Wahlberg, who ended up looking fat) and then the most awesome show ever (Buffy, obviously). I played Dr. Mario on my DS to keep my hands busy, since I am now unable to watch TV without double tasking.

So, this morning I am picking up the knitting again - working on Roxy's bed. A whole morning of finishing! Yay! (sarcasm intended) I am still watching Buffy and pretending I don't have any homework or errands to run. But it's Spring break right? There's plenty of time to do the masses of work I have to do... you know, like two days before I have to go back to classes....

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