Monday, February 4, 2008

weekend update

I got absolutely no knitting done this weekend after the unfortunate circular needle mishap. My weekend was consumed with deep cleaning, entertaining, drinking, sleeping, treadmill assembly, and, of course, moping.

I am really looking forward to casting on for another pair of socks with my new yarn (I was warned they are addictive! And they are!) I also need to finish the head hugger and probably Roxy's bed since it's been on hiatus for so long. Oh, and whatever happened to my commitment to knit the cashmere arm warmers. I should get on that.

I haven't replaced the cable and needle tips from the Boye set yet. I scoured the internet and there seems to be nowhere you can order the parts online. You have to print out the replacement form from the Boye website and mail it in snail mail style. Tomorrow I am going to try calling the 1-800 number and see if I can at least order over the phone. I am really happy with my Boye needles, but at this point I wish I had gone with knit picks options or denise because it is so much easier to order parts for those sets. I don't know if I really feel like changing my system this late in the game. I certainly don't have the money to do it now, but maybe some day I will do it if I start having more problems with breaking parts.


  1. geez, i can't believe your needles broke mid-project! that's awful!!! how long have you had your boye set? i'm glad you were at least able to save the stitches before they went ALL the way to the bottom of the vest. still, what a nightmare :(

  2. We all need a little moping now and again. Broken needles and dropped stitches are certainly a good reason. Good luck with your replacements!