Sunday, February 17, 2008


I spent the morning fixing the vest and now it is ready to knit again. I was having trouble picking up the stitches that dropped several rows down because of all the increases and decreases that were lost, so I ended up just frogging it back to the lifeline. I'm so glad I put that in there!! Still, getting the stitches from the lifeline back onto the needle was no easy task, but at least I knew once I got it all done I wouldn't be missing any stitches. Someone on Craftster once recommended that I use really thin satin ribbon for life lines instead of a piece of yarn because it is flat and slippery and easier to transfer stitches from. I like that idea. I'm definitely doing it next time!


  1. Satin ribbon is a good idea, I am going to use that for my next life line.

  2. yikes what a nightmare. glad your surgery was a success though!! : )