Friday, February 1, 2008

FRAK! $#@&!! FRAK!!!

I frakking broke my circular needles last night on the frakking vest!! I bent the needle all freaky and I snapped the needle tip right off the end of the cord with the threaded bit still inside the needle. Now I have to order new parts and I can't work on this, or any other circ project with this size cable until the order comes in. DAMMIT! I haven't even looked to see how much the new parts are. Hopefully it won't break the bank, I don't have any money for a couple of weeks until my loan check gets here and clears at the bank. ARG!! Oh, and when it broke I lost a ton of stitches. I picked them all up on a stitch holder, but I haven't fixed the ones that dropped and they are all twisted. What a headache.

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