Sunday, January 20, 2008

the blog!

You may have noticed some slight changes to the blog.

First of all, it is now internet explorer compatible. Joe and I have spent literally hours trying to fix this bug to no avail. We finally gave up, which is really unlike us. So, as I was playing with my progress bars this week, I noticed that my little picture slide show was aligned to the right. That bugged me, so I changed it to center alignment and it fixed the whole damn thing!! Arg! How could we have missed that? I am pretty proud of myself that I caught the error instead of Joe; he is afterall a professional bug-finder. Go me!

Second, I changed my progress bars to the Ravelry widget. Oh, how I love Ravelry!! Previously, to update my status bars I had to edit the template of the blog every time and re-write the tables. Then I also went to Ravelry and changed my progress there. That felt insanely silly. Then I was surfing knitting blogs and I found someone who had bars from Ravelry. I messaged her and it turns out that you can contact the web team and they will give you api access to make the bars. Hooray!

Third, for some reason my label list disappeared. I haven't even tried to fix this because I was messing around with all of this in the morning and I had to quit to go to class and I haven't returned to it. I don't care so much because the list was pissing me off. It's getting too long. I want to make it into a drop down, but I need Joe's assistance. Poor guy is so busy, there just never seems to be a good time to ask him. I will soon, though.

And for the future: I don't like the layout of my sidebar now that I have switched a bunch of stuff around. I need to rearrange everything. I will do that in a week after I hand in my note draft (thesis-type thingie for law school). More likely, I will do it in 6 days to procrastinate finishing everything up.... I'm bad.

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