Sunday, December 30, 2007


I finally finished my super secret gift project. Once it is safely in the recipient's hands I will reveal the awesomeness. It was 5 hours of finishing work! No joke! Have I mentioned lately that I hate finishing? I did a lot of it while I was cat sitting at a friend's house and their cat politely ignored my yarn and let me work - unlike a certain other kitty cat I can think of.

I realized I left the buttons I was going to use back in Boston. Luckily I inherited a giant box of vintage buttons from my grandmother and it is still in SLC. So I found some that would work.

Next up is to cast on for the vest. I'd like to get it started so I can work on it on the plane ride home. (I don't like casting on in public. I am still a little self-conscious about knitting in public, I guess.)

Will she finish her socks before New Years Day?? The jury is still out.


  1. Well, he's a very polite cat that way. So glad, and many, many thanks for being such a good friend to him, and us.

  2. Good luck with your resolution to get a letter. If not maybe we can start our own KAL...miserablefailuresKAL. Maybe we will just use that as a working title. :) Happy New Year.