Saturday, December 8, 2007

FO: Bluebell

Well folks, it was a long and bumpy road, but I finally finished up our dear friend Bluebell this week. Overall, I'd say I'm pleased with the end result. Here she is:
yarn detail:
Cascade 220 Tweed in Blue Tweed
90% Peruvian Highland Wool, 10% Donegal Wool

Aran weight
cost: 100 g / 220 yds @ $9.15

pattern detail:
pattern: Boatneck Bluebell Sweater by Stephanie Japel (Fitted Knits, pg. 99)
needles: #8 circs from my Boye set
gauge: 18 stitches over 24 rows
hours: 5 months and across the country twice!
yarn used: just under 4 skeins
total cost: $37

- My boatneck ended up a little wider than I would have liked it, so I will have to wear it with a strapless bra. Or I can have the hip hot pink bra straps showing as I do here. My grandmother loves that look on a young lady.
- Lots of math disasters and pattern misreads in this one, next time I knit out of this book I just need to be super careful to keep my head on. (math notes on 7/27 and 7/28)
- It looked like hell until it was blocked... thank god for blocking.
-Next time I am just going to knit the sleeves in the round for these top down sweaters. I have a wealth of dpns so I might as well use them.
- If I knitted it again I would make the sleeves and the peplum slightly longer. I just prefer a longer top because I wear low cut pants and I don't want my gut hanging out.
- Oh, and I learned an important lesson knitting bluebell: DON'T LOSE YOUR YARN! And for god's sake - write down the dye lot when you first bring it home!!

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  1. Hey Pepper! Your Bluebell looks fantastic:) Such a great color, and the style fits you well.