Sunday, December 2, 2007

Danica says "ribbitt"

Danica got frogged last night: part accident and part on purpose. I was thinking about starting over anyway, but I didn't want to lose all the work I already put into it. My carelessness made the decision for me.

I recklessly yanked Danica out of my knitting bag and pulled it off the needles and pulled out some of the stitches, then I couldn't quite figure out where everything went and which way to best pick up the stitches I lost, so I just decided it was messy already and would get messier after I tried to save it, so I just frogged the whole thing.

That SWS is not fun to unravel. It got knotted at the end of almost every row and I had to tear at a bunch of fibers to get it out. The yarn is now a little ragged, but I'm reusing it anyway. I cast on again last night and have the first round done. It already looks much better because I did the correct bar increase for the pfb's and I reviewed the instructions on picking up stitches and my work is much neater now. (It turns out I was picking up stitches under one loop of yarn when you are supposed to do two. It looks a lot better now - no more long, holey stitches.)

Here is a pic of me kicking back, enjoying my act of destruction in a somewhat perverse way:
p.s. Yes, I did buy needle stoppers earlier this week, and yes I'm now going to use them because I have learned my lesson.

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