Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why I am Flunking Out of Law School

Last night I cast on for my second sock so I would have some mindless TV knitting and I did some major work on Danica while I watched a rerun of Bones. Did all this in lieu of my tax homework.

As for Danica I am presented with two challenges: first, I'm not entirely sure how one purls in the front and back of a stitch. I have tried many different methods and I don't think any of them look very good; second, I suck at picking up stitches. I always get a long piece in between with holes in it. I suppose this will at least be good practice since nearly the whole thing involves picking up stitches. Before I knit again I am going to do some serious research on both of these things and maybe practice on a swatch. Then I will decide if I'm going to frog Danica so far or just deal with a messy start.

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