Thursday, November 15, 2007

What next?

I can't decide what to cast on next. (Look at me, I'm already antsy to start on a new project with four WIPs!) Obviously, I have to cast on for Roxy's bed. That's one of the WIPs listed and technically it has never been "in progress." Then I really want to start my cashmere arm warmers, but I also feel like knitting something on giant needles that will go quickly. And I want to make another squatty sidekick in black so I can felt it when I go home for Christmas and have a cute holiday purse. Then there is the second sock that needs to get going by the end of November if I want my N on the KAL. And I want to use my pretty plum SWS to make my Danica and try out entrelac. And I've been itching to try some lace lately. And there are a million cozy projects on the list. All my electronics are naked. On top of all that... NO TIME TO KNIT!!

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