Thursday, November 29, 2007

stockinette blues

Whining alert.

I knitted last night in lieu of reading for tax. It was pretty unfulfilling though because I'm stranded in a stretch of stockinette on my socks and an infinite stretch of garter stitch on Roxy's bed. I worked on both projects last night but neither satiated my need to be creative. I didn't want to work on Danica because I was trying to concentrate on what I was watching on TV. (I know, TV is only supposed to be background noise for knitters, but sometimes I still want to pay attention).

Blocking Angst:
I need to block Bluebell, but I have nothing to block on at the moment. I don't want to use my bed because (a) it will take a few days to dry and (b) Roxy will lay on it. I'm probably just going to wet block it and stretch it to shape - I don't think I'll do any pinning or stuffing. I blocked Mrs. Darcy on a sweater drying rack my mom had. If I can haul my butt to Bed Bath & Beyond I will get one and start blocking. The problem is, I have other stuff to get at BB&B and I can't buy it all in one trip because (a) I can't carry it and (b) I like to use 20% off coupons. I'm thinking about just laying some towels on my kitchen table to block on. Roxy isn't allowed on the table so she shouldn't mess with it. Though I'm worried that it will never dry since it's so humid here. It would be better if it weren't on an absorbent surface. My mom is probably going to buy me a blocking board for Christmas. I think I'm just feeling whiny because I don't have it yet. Although, the board probably isn't really appropriate for this kind of blocking anyway. Maybe I should pin it out though, since I need to stretch it so bad. I'll see how it works without pinning and I can reblock if I need to. I don't know how many times you can block, but I think pinning down is really only necessary when you block before seaming. Speaking of, I had the horrible thought the other day that I should have blocked before I sewed up the sleeves. I'm going to have to stretch them out a lot and now my seam might keep it from stretching or at least make it bunch up. I'm not keen on the idea of trying to pick out the seam. What is it with me and sleeves??!! In my defense, I didn't realize how short the sleeves really were until after I sewed them up. And it didn't occur to me that the seaming might limit blocking. I've never read that anywhere. Maybe I'm wrong. It just seems like it would make a difference.

Enough stream of consciousness complaining.

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