Friday, November 23, 2007

Shell and Tell

I finished up Sheldina's shell assembly last night and might I say it was from hell! ha ha.

First off, I crocheted (two rows) along the edges of the attachment panel to make the little body "bowl" and the bowl was so small! It wouldn't even stretch to fit to the shell. So I ripped out all the crochet stitches and did it again, determined to crochet looser, but soon I realized the same thing was happening. I got frustrated and flung it across the room and drank more wine. Then I realized I wasn't frakking single crocheting it! I was just pulling one stitch through the other - what is that, slip stitching the entire thing? I don't even know. But it's no wonder it was tight as hell. So, I frogged one last time & single crocheted my two rounds correctly and it made worlds of difference. Crochet!! My nemesis!

Second, I had been all excited to try the attached i-cord again but it had been so long since I had done it, it was just frustrating trying to figure it all out! After I was done, something happened and a whole section of the stitches connecting the cord to the attachment panel pulls out and I just sewed them back on because I didn't want to redo the whole damn thing.

Third, I waaay overstuffed the shell. When I tried it on Sheldina's body it was the most ridiculous thing ever - there was no room for her in that thing! I had to gut it big time by sticking a crochet hook in and dragging out the stuffing. It just seemed cruel. I think I ended up taking half of it out. I still might go back for more after I finish the whole thing.

Fourth, I compared Sheldina to Sheldon and she is definitely smaller. The gauges are dramatically different - visible to the naked eye. I double checked that the needles I'm using are the correct size, so the only thing I can imagine is that I must have used larger needles for Sheldon. But I have no idea why I would have done that. As far as I can remember, I had the correct needle sizes at the time I knitted Sheldon. I definitely wouldn't have changed the needles to get gauge - who swatches on a stuffie? Definitely not me. Anyway, I guess it is biologically appropriate for the female to be slightly smaller in stature than the male. I just wish I could figure out the mystery. I think I might like Sheldon's floppy look better.

All that is left is to attach her limbs and then I will post pics.

And in other news, do we think Roxy's bed will be big enough? Maybe she will have to curl up in it like a polite little kitty instead of kickin' it Homer style. All she needs is a can of beer resting on her belly.

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