Monday, November 26, 2007

Now What??

So, I finished Sheldina and Bluebell (sans blocking), I started Roxy's bed, and now I am free to put something else on the needles! But what to do?

You may notice I added Danica to my list of active projects. I bought that lovely SWS yarn when I was home in October and I just really wanted to try it out. Also, I'd like to learn entrelac. So, I'm gonna put Danica on the needles, but I don't think she'll be a high priority project for me.

What is high priority? That second sock!! I may or may not have already purchased supplies for the next sock project...

In further yarn delights, I want to knit my cashmere arm warmers by the beginning of next semester when it will be cold enough to really need them... and it is the only way to guarantee I get them done before Spring!

As for my next "sweater" to go on the needles, I think I will knit the U-Neck Back to School Vest from Fitted Knits. May or may not have already picked up some supplies.... Blue Bell sort of got me down, so I'm thinking the vest will be a welcome break because it's a wearable, but, no sleeves AND NO FINISHING! Ooh la la.

And.... Sheldino. He needs to get started, but I may need a petite Sheldon break. I have already accepted that the Sheldon army will not be ready to march by Christmas. It's OK. Turtles are slow. I'll just say they started the trip to Washington by Christmas, but they took the course slow and steady.

And, for another quick project: I want to get my second squatty sidekick knitted and maybe a cloche to felt when I am home at Christmas. Those will both be quick knits. I hope I have enough black wool for both. The cloche may have to end up blue tweed, or the ever-popular Mrs. Darcy orange....

I definitely just need to diversify what I've got on my needles. The last couple of months I've been stuck on really boring parts of projects, or finishing, and I haven't felt like knitting so much. With stress of finals coming I have to have lots of fabulous projects going so I can cheer up and calm down!!

I have a couple of gift knits I'd really like to make in time for Christmas, but the ever-wise Kelley Petkun says you need to be realistic about your Christmas deadlines, and realistically, I have missed the boat. There is at least one special project that I'd like to try to get done. It is small, but a lot of finishing will be required. Maybe I can at least knit it and do the finishing after finals. (On the plane? lol! I think finishing would probably freak people out even more than dpns.)

So, that's the revised game plan. Let's go team!

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