Sunday, November 4, 2007

I should have knitted....

Spent Friday night moping, Saturday night drinking, and most of today reorganizing my iTunes library. Overall, I wish I had spent all that unproductive time knitting. Have I mentioned I'm getting too old to party like this?

Also, I'm getting DANGEROUSLY FAR behind in my classes because of moping and excessive napping. And knitting cheers me up! Why am I resisting it? Right now, however, knitting is feeling a little stressful. I have GOT to finish Bluebell and Sheldina. I still have Shedino and Sheldon, Jr. to knit by Christmas. Will it happen? Looking doubtful at this point. In addition, I store my stash under my bed and every night I can feel the shame wafting up at me. Maybe that's why I can't sleep? I've got to figure out another place to keep it. Or USE IT!!

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