Saturday, November 10, 2007

almost done!!

I'm nearly finished knitting bluebell - I just have to knit the design on the cuff of that second sleeve, then I'm done. (Then on to finishing... bleh.)

Note: I screwed up on this pattern instruction on both sleeves:
After you finish knitting stockinette until sleeve measures x length it says "end with WS row." For some reason, both times I have read that as "begin with WS row" and I've screwed myself up. So, just to clarify: It's end with WS row, begin reverse stockinette design on RS row!!

p.s. Last night Roxy sat on my knitting, on my lap, for about an hour so I didn't get a whole lot done. Though, seeing as she never sits on my lap, I let it slide. She also kneaded on the sweater a bunch, but I don't thing she did any damage. She was just being so cute and lovely, I couldn't stop her!

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