Wednesday, November 21, 2007

100th Post!

Welcome to the 100th post on my knitting blog. Rock and Roll.

To commemorate this special event, I cast on for Roxy's Princess Bed! I'm using the Princess Snowball Bed pattern from Stitch & Bitch with Patons Carmen on the bottom and Lion Fancy Fur for the sides; I'm using a chunky Bernat acrylic yarn carried throughout. All the yarn was on clearance and my mommy bought it for her sweet little grandchild.

Here is Roxy enjoying the yarn:

And here is Roxy helping me knit. It is so cute! She's already in love with the project; she just sits there and kneads the yarn the whole time. Ha ha.

Some notes:
- It was impossible to check the gauge on this project! It is ridiculous they even gave gauge - ha ha! First, how the hell are you supposed to see the separate stitches with that crazy novelty yarn? And second, I don't even know how to check gauge on a garter stitch swatch.
- I had some trouble with the fur yarn getting tangled since a center pull ball isn't exactly functional with the furry yarn and I ended up pulling large clumps out of the center. Anyway, I ended up putting the blob of yarn in a zip lock bag all sealed up except on one side and it's going a lot better. (Also helps keep Roxy off the working yarn. She can knead the yet-to-be-knit balls.)
- And to ensure I will not forget later - I am using size 11 needles.

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