Thursday, October 25, 2007

A tip on not screwing up....

Here is a helpful excerpt from today's Knitting Daily on not making stupid mistakes following your pattern:
Lesson Number One: Prepare for bouts of brain-out-the-window knitting ahead of time. Read through the instructions before you begin knitting, and HIGHLIGHT anything you are likely to miss whilst in the throes of knitting ecstasy, such as switching needle sizes. (Of course, then you do have to actually LOOK at the instructions now and then.)
This is pretty timely, seeing as I almost screwed up my socks last night because I didn't read ahead. It turns out she had a special "note" on the next page regarding the section of the pattern on the previous page. Now, I just think that's bad editing. Luckily, it turns out I did it right in the first place. But, I think highlighting will save me a lot of anxiety in the future.

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