Tuesday, October 9, 2007


OK, I know I have way too many WIPs and projects on the waiting list, but I couldn't wait to get started on my very first pair of socks.

This is the starter stockinette sock from Knit Socks, I'm about finished with the ribbing on the cuff. I did this last night instead of studying or sleeping:

I'm working with Wool-Ease so I will able able to machine wash the socks when I'm finished with them. Plus, if I screw up, I won't really care so much because it's just Wool-Ease. The color is called "blue mist" and it's one of my favorite colors in this yarn. I first bought a skein of it years ago to knit my mom a hat, then I used it to make the zeeby bag (sp?) from S&B - which was a total disaster and has been sitting in the frog pile ever since. So, I picked up another skein in this color for my socks and since I think I will run out - I plan to finally frog the hideous monstrosity and put it to good use. (Dye lots be damned!) I'm going to make the heel and toe a different color - "natural heather" - leftover from the handle of Scott's Bag. That makes this sock practically knit out of stash yarn, right?


  1. Congratulations on your first socks. I did my first pair for my August Do SOmething New project and now I am hooked. I just finished the Low Roll Sporty Socks out of that same book you have. Details and a pic are on my blog.

  2. You inspired me, and I ordered that book too! My (fingers crossed) first pair of socks is only a few rows long so far, but fun so far.

    Er, hi, btw! I'm the one who joined the Craftster KAL for the Mrs Darcy cardigan - you were kind enough to take a photo of the back of yours. I've been reading your blog since I saw your original pics in that thread.

  3. Yay! I am a knitting inspiration! :) My socks have not budged past the point pictured above. I had to do some last minute gift knitting...

  4. Mine are (is? it's only one, after all) a whopping 10 rows. And yes, definitely a knitting inspiration! :)

    I just got into Ravelry this morning, and may be so busy organizing my knitting, finding new projects and stash and all, that I never have any more time to knit.